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Unlock the full potential of User Registration with our dynamic features and add-ons. Create advanced custom registration forms for WordPress and streamline the entire registration process. 

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  • Available Registration Form Fields

    Available Form Fields

    Choose from a collection of 30+ form fields and build custom WordPress registration forms. 

  • Powerful Registration Form Builder

    Powerful Registration Form Builder

    Build unlimited registration forms, simple or complex, using the drag-and-drop form builder. No coding skills needed.

  • Built-in Login Form

    Built-in Login Form

    Get a head start while setting up the registration system with our built-in login form. Simply configure its settings, and it’s ready!

  • User Approval System

    Registration Approval & User Roles

    Set up various user approval methods for new registrations and assign WordPress user roles during registration.

  • User Account Page

    User Profiles

    We offer a pre-built account page for registered users on your site. Users can access their account after successful registration.

  • Dashboard Analytics


    View detailed analytics with graphical representation on user data collected through the registration forms on your site.

  • Email Notifications

    Email Notifications

    Send unlimited email notifications to users and admins. Add and configure as many emails as you need.

  • Advanced Fields Add-on

    Advanced Fields

    Get more custom fields for your registration forms! Use the Advanced Fields add-on to collect vital information from users.

  • File Uploads Add-on

    File Uploads

    Users can upload single or multiple files during registration. Several file types are available along with customizable file size limits.

  • Conditional Logic Add-on

    Conditional Logic

    Create dynamic registration forms quickly! Show or hide specific form fields based on user input in previous fields.

  • User Redirection

    User Redirection

    Redirect users based on their roles or send them to the previous page when they register or log into your site.

Customize and Design

  • Style Customizer

    Style Customizer

    Leverage the power of the User Registration Style Customizer add-on to personalize the look and feel of your registration and login forms.

  • Email Templates Add-on

    Email Templates

    Create a new email template or customize pre-designed email templates that match the look and feel of your website and brand.

  • Customize My Account Add-on

    Customize My Account

    Create, edit, and delete additional tabs on the user account page. You can add custom content for individual tabs.

User Management

  • Frontend Listing Add-on

    Frontend Listing

    By listing registered users in the front end, your site visitors or users can view the profile of all the listed members.

  • Social Connect Add-on

    Social Connect

    The Social Connect add-on allows users to login or register with social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

  • Profile Connect Add-on

    Profile Connect

    Need to connect users registered via other plugins to User Registration forms? Try the Profile Connect add-on for seamless connection.

  • Import Users Add-on

    Import Users

    Quickly import users to a registration form. You’ll need a user data file in CSV format to map the fields and import them correctly.

  • Profile Completeness

    Profile Completeness

    Display a progress bar to indicate the completeness of a user profile and encourage users to complete their profiles.

Advanced Field Mapping

Map User Registration form field data with third-party WordPress plugins, such as Buddypress, Salesforce, etc. 


  • Form Restriction Addon Banner

    Form Restriction

    Restrict access with custom conditions and optimize your website’s user registration system.

  • Conversational Forms Addon

    Conversational Forms

    Transform your boring and simple registration forms and make them super interactive.

  • Geolocation Add-on


    The Geolocation add-on is a must-have for collecting geolocation data on registered users. You can also add Google Maps to forms.

  • Content Restriction Add-on

    Content Restriction

    Restrict access partially or fully to specific content, such as pages, posts, and more using advanced conditional rules.

  • Invite Codes Add-on

    Invite Codes

    Allow only users with invite codes to register on your site. You can create multiple invitation codes, set usage limits, etc.

  • Multi Step Forms Add-on


    Say goodbye to long and tedious forms! Divide your registration forms into multiple steps for a streamlined signup process.

  • Field Visibility Add-on

    Field Visibility

    Control the visibility of particular form fields in the form or the account page. You can hide/show fields or make them read-only.

  • PDF Form Submission Add-on

    PDF Form Submission

    Export user registration form data to a PDF file. You can customize the PDF paper size, font, orientation, header text, and more.

  • Private Notes Add-on

    Private Notes

    Share important updates, personalized messages, etc., with users. Provide a platform for users to ask questions and receive answers.

  • Save and Continue

    Save and Continue

    Enable users to save registration forms they’ve partially filled so that they can complete the submission later.

  • Post Submission

    Post Submission

    Let users create posts on your WordPress site from a front-end registration form without accessing the admin dashboard.

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal Payments Add-on


    Want quick and secure payments during registration? User Registration has in-built support for the PayPal gateway.

  • Stripe Add-on


    Accept credit card payments using the Stripe gateway. You can collect donations, subscription fees, etc. securely.


  • Mailchimp add-on


    Connect your mailing lists with User Registration forms and achieve incredible results in your email marketing efforts.

  • MailerLite Add-on


    Connect your registered users to MailerLite lists. You can then use the collected data for a fruitful marketing campaign.

  • ActiveCampaign Add-on


    Effortlessly link your ActiveCampaign account to User Registration forms using the ActiveCampaign add-on and enable seamless subscriber collection.

  • Klaviyo Integration


    Connect your Klaviyo account with User Registration and add users registering on your site to any Klaviyo subscriber list.


  • Bulletproof Security

    Equip your registration forms with security features, such as spam protection, whitelist/blacklist domains, etc.

  • Two Factor Authentication Add-on

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Avoid data breaches with the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system, which provides a OTP-based verification for users.


  • Google Sheets

    Google Sheets

    Seamlessly send registration form data from User Registration to Google Sheets directly after form submission.

  • LearnDash Add-on


    Automatically enroll users to a specified LearnDash course during registration. You can also view which courses a user is enrolled in.

  • WooCommerce Integration Add-on

    WooCommerce Integration

    Add shipping/billing fields to registration forms and sync form data with the checkout page for a pleasant customer experience.

  • Zapier Add-on


    With the Zapier add-on, you can easily automate your work by connecting User Registration forms to 1500+ applications.

Additional Features

  • Smart Tags Support

    Smart Tags Support

    Dynamically pull information for form fields using smart tags. Personalize your emails by inserting the tags wherever needed.

  • GDPR Compliant Registration

    GDPR Compliance

    Design GDPR compliant forms with the Privacy Policy field. Further, users can delete their account and all related data.

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