Powerful Registration Form Builder 

Seamlessly create dynamic forms with our user-friendly registration form builder – no coding expertise needed.

Introducing Registration Form Builder  

Build a wide niche of registration forms in just minutes with a flexible registration form builder. Tailor each registration form and field to your exact specifications with ease.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Drag and Drop Form Builder  

Experience unparalleled ease in creating registration forms. Simply drag and drop the necessary fields according to your requirements. 

Create a personalized registration form by dragging the desired fields from the left and dropping them onto the builder area on the right. 

Rearrange or reorder various form fields according to your specific form requirements. 

Custom Registration Fields

Enjoy unlimited flexibility in utilizing pre-defined registration fields without any restrictions. Say goodbye to the limitations of default WordPress fields with a wide range of custom field options.

Default User Fields

Extra Fields

Advanced Fields

WooCommerce Billing Address

WooCommerce Shipping Address

Payment Fields

Unlimited Registration Fields
Ready to Use Form Templates

Ready to Use Form Templates   

No need to create the forms from scratch with our extensive library of pre-built registration form templates. It saves you precious time and energy! 

Recaptcha Registration Form 

Sports Camp Registration Form 

Students Registration Form 

Blood Donor Registration 

Hospital Admission Form  

Newsletter Subscribe Form, etc. 

Multi-Column Form Layout

Expand your options beyond the single-column form layout. Our registration form builder provides you with a multitude of choices for creating multi-column forms.

Single Grid Column Layout 

Double Grid Column Layout 

Triple Grid Column Layout 

Multi Form Layout
Blocks Shortcode Support

Blocks/Shortcode Support  

Support for blocks and shortcodes makes it easy to display your registration forms on your site. It’s possible to choose from any of the methods you feel convenient to showcase your registration form.  

Simply add the User Registration block and choose the desired registration form to effortlessly display it on various pages or posts. 

Copy the shortcode of your form and paste it onto the desired pages or posts to display it seamlessly. 

Registration Popup Forms

Easily present all your registration forms as popup forms from the User Registration Popup Management section. 

Quickly enable/disable popups with a checkbox. 

Add popup header and footer content with ease. 

Choose from 3 default sizes – Default, Large, and Extra Large. 

Simple shortcode to embed the form into any page or post. 

Add your popup registration form to the website menu or a button. 

Registration Popup Forms

Create WordPress Registration Forms in minutes.

User Registration and Profile plugin that is easy and flexible to use. Comes with tons of customization options and solid documentation.

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