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Find quick answers to common questions or pre-sale inquiries about User Registration.

What is a user registration system?

A user registration system is a digital framework that manages sign-ups, authenticates user identities, and records user data securely. 

What is the User Registration plugin? 

The User Registration plugin is a specialized software tool that simplifies the setup of a user registration system, facilitating features like form creation, data collection, and user authentication on websites.  

Who should use the User Registration WordPress plugin?

The User Registration WordPress plugin is ideal for any WordPress user who needs a user registration feature on their website aiming to manage user interactions. It’s perfect for websites of diverse niches, such as blogs, e-commerce businesses, online schools, and membership-based services.

How to use the User Registration plugin?

Simply install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website’s admin dashboard. And just like that, you can now easily create new registration forms with its drag-and-drop form builder.

For a detailed guide refer to our article create user registration form in WordPress.

Can I configure User Registration myself?

Yes, you can configure User Registration by yourself! Our fast and simple registration plugin is completely beginner-friendly, so you can easily build and customize registration forms, manage users, and set up payment integrations.

Do I need to have coding skills to use User Registration?

No, you do not require any coding skills to use User Registration.

Is User Registration available in other languages or translation-ready?

User Registration is a fully translation-ready plugin. Thus, it supports multiple languages and translations.

Is User Registration compatible with all WordPress themes & plugins?

User Registration works well with most WordPress themes and plugins. However, there might be some rare cases where certain themes and plugins conflict. In such a case, you can contact the support team for help.

How often do you release updates?

User Registration releases updates on a regular basis, typically several times a year. The frequency may differ depending on the type of update.

We release updates to keep the plugin up to date with the latest WordPress core and security standards, provide security updates, and introduce new features. 

Does User Registration work on

Yes, User Registration works on, but the feature depends on the type of site you have.

Does User Registration work on WordPress Multisite?

Yes, User Registration fully supports multisite.

How do I find my User Registration Pro license key?

You can find the User Registration Pro license keys in your account page under the license key tab.

Is User Registration compatible with page builders like Elementor and Divi? 

Yes, User Registration is compatible with page builders like Elementor, Divi, etc. Our plugin is designed to work well within WordPress environments, and it generally functions correctly with most page builders that are compatible with WordPress. 

Can we prevent access to wp-login.php, wp-admin when the User Registration plugin is active?

Yes, the User Registration plugin has a “Prevent Core Login” feature. When enabled, it redirects attempts to access wp-login.php or wp-admin to the custom login page created with the plugin.

Can I charge users a fee for registering on my site?

Yes, you can charge your users a registration fee by integrating PayPal or Stripe into your registration form.

How do I create a user registration page?

To create a user registration page, you can add a new page to your website. Then, add your custom registration form to the page with a shortcode or the User Registration block.

For a detailed guide, refer to our article creating a user registration form in WordPress.

How can I manage user registrations with the User Registration plugin?

User Registration offers various tools to help you manage registered users on your website. For example, you can assign user roles at registration, approve new users, import and export user data, and more.

Can I integrate User Registration with my email marketing service?

User Registration currently supports integration with Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, and Klaviyo. So, you can integrate User Registration with any of these email marketing services.

What other WordPress plugins and themes do you offer?

We offer a large selection of WordPress plugins and themes for different uses. Some of our popular themes are Zakra, ColorMag, Spacious, and Flash. As for plugins, we have the Masteriyo LMS plugin for creating and managing online courses. Similarly, you can use the Everest Forms plugin to build forms for different purposes.

Can I use the User Registration plugin for free?

Yes, absolutely! User Registration is a completely free WordPress plugin. However, you can always upgrade to its premium version for advanced features.

Do you offer a free trial? 

Since you can explore User Registration’s features in its free version, we do not offer a free trial. However, we do offer a risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee for User Registration Pro. So, if you’re not satisfied with User Registration after pro subscription, you’ll be refunded. Besides that, a 24-hour demo site is also available.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, User Registration provides a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind within 14 days (about 2 weeks) of your purchase, we’ve got your back.

Does the User Registration plugin provide a lifetime plan?

Yes, User Registration provides lifetime plans on all the 3 premium plans – Personal, Plus, Professional. Check out our pricing page to pick a suitable plan.

Can I get discounts on the User Registration Pro plan?

User Registration brings you special offers of up to 70% off during holidays and special events like Black Friday. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss an opportunity to get discounts. 

How do I switch to a different subscription plan?

If you wish to switch between different subscription plans, please reach out to our support team. They will help you make the transition to a different plan smoothly.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept major Credit Cards and international Debit Cards, including PayPal and Amazon, via our payment processor FastSpring.

What kind of customer service do you offer?

We provide dedicated customer support via live chat, support tickets, and the community forum. Additionally, you can check the detailed documentation, FAQs page, and Facebook group for common queries.

Do I need to install the free version to use the PRO version?

No, you don’t need to install the free version of User Registration to use the Pro version. Just select your desired plan, download the latest version of the plugin from your account page, set up the plugin, and you’re good to go.

For a detailed guide, please refer to our article on installing User Registration Pro

What is the difference between User Registration Free and Pro plugin?

The free version of User Registration comes with minimal features to get you started, whereas the pro version includes extra features and premium add-ons to enhance your registration forms.

Why should I choose the User Registration plugin?

The User Registration plugin offers a robust form builder with an easy drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to tailor registration and login pages to your needs. It simplifies your site’s signup process with seamless user management, security, and additional functionalities.

How much does User Registration cost?

User Registration is a free-to-use plugin. However, for advanced features and add-ons, you can get yourself a Personal Pack for $79/year, a Plus Pack for $199/year, and a Professional Pack for $399/year.

Besides, you can also buy a bundle of all ThemeGrill products with the ThemeGrill Agency plan at $299/year. Refer to our official pricing page to explore the pro plans in detail.

What are the requirements to use User Registration?

There are no specific requirements needed to use the User Registration plugin. All you need is the User Registration plugin installed and set up on your WordPress website.

How many websites can I build with User Registration?

With User Registration’s free plan, you can construct as many websites as you wish without any limits. However, with paid plans such as Personal, Plus, and Professional, you’ll gain access to premium support and updates. These plans allow you to create one, five, or unlimited websites respectively.

Do you offer a demo?

Yes, we offer a complete demo for both the free and pro versions of the plugin. We suggest you give it a try if you’re interested in learning how User Registration works and its features.

Can I try User Registration Pro before purchasing?

Yes, you can try User Registration Pro through a demo site before purchasing it. And even after you buy the pro plugin, you can enjoy our 100% no-risk money-back guarantee within 14 days (about 2 weeks) of purchase.

Here’s a link to the demo site just in case user registration demo.

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

As you can see on the pricing page, the highest plan we offer is the Professional plan that already covers Enterprise level features.

What is the difference between PERSONAL, PLUS, and PROFESSIONAL plans?

The major differences between these three plans are the features, add-ons, and the site license limit. The Personal Plan comes with basic features and add-ons for a 1 site license. The Plus and Professional plans offer 5 site licenses and unlimited site licenses respectively. You also get additional add-ons with each plan for building a comprehensive signup system.

For further details, please visit the pricing page

What would be the renewal price?

Your renewal cost will be the original price of the plugin without any discounts. We recommend checking the licensing information for the User Registration plugin for further details, or you can contact our support team.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits/students/academic institutes?

Yes, we provide discounts for qualified non-profit/students/academic institutes. Please contact our sales team via the contact page to request a discount. They’ll inform you about the requirements and procedures to get the discount.

Will my license be renewed automatically?

Yearly plans are subject to automatic renewal at full price without any discounts. You can change or cancel plans any time from your account page.

How secure are my transactions?

Your transactions with User Registration are extremely secure as we accept payments via the most trusted payment gateways like PayPal and Amazon. Besides, we also accept credit/debit card payments. And don’t worry, we don’t store your card details.

Which plan do you suggest?

We suggest User Registration’s most popular plan – the Plus pack, offering every feature and add-on required to build a streamlined registration system. However, you can also choose a Personal or Professional plan based on your specific requirements.

We also have the ThemeGrill Agency plan, that gives you a bundle of all ThemeGrill products for the best value.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, please be informed that we do not offer refunds for partial months of service.

What happens when my license expires?

Although the existing plugin and your website will continue to function as usual, you won’t get access to support and updates unless you renew your license.

Can I purchase individual add-ons?

No, you can’t purchase individual add-ons. You’ll get access to all of the add-ons when you buy a Plus or Professional Plan.

How are User Registration and ThemeGrill related?

ThemeGrill is the parent company of User Registration. ThemeGrill designs and develops top-quality WordPress themes and plugins, and the User Registration plugin is one of them.

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