Registration Approval & User Roles

Empowering you with secure access control and role-based user management.

Introducing Registration Approval and User Roles 

Secure your WordPress website with various methods of user registration approval. You can also set user roles by default or assign them conditionally.  

Auto or Manual User Registration Approval

Auto or Manual User Registration Approval 

Choose between automatic and manual user approval to approve or disapprove new registrations. You get the following 6 options to approve users and enable login. 

Manual login after registration 

Email confirmation to login  

Auto-login after registration 

Admin approval after registration  

Admin approval after email confirmation 

Payment before login 

Set Default Role During Registration    

Streamline your user management with the ability to assign default roles during registration. You can select any role from the five default WordPress user roles. 






Set Default Role During Registration Screenshot
Assign User Roles Conditionally

Assign User Roles Conditionally (Pro)

Effortlessly assign user roles during registration based on custom conditions. 

Create simple or complex conditional rules for assigning user roles.  

Define criteria and actions using the intuitive interface. 

Automatically assign roles based on the specific conditions you set. 

Email Confirmations

Ensure the best communication between admin and users with automated email confirmations.

Configure and customize the pre-existing Email Confirmation template. 

Deliver personalized confirmation messages to users. 

Add official sender information to the confirmation email. 

Email Confirmation

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User Registration and Profile plugin that is easy and flexible to use. Comes with tons of customization options and solid documentation.

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