10 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins 2023 (Compared)

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Are you looking for the best WordPress user registration plugin? Worry not; we’ve got you covered with our list of some awesome WordPress registration plugins.  

It’s a known fact that for any business, it’s necessary to make their customers register. When users register on your site, there’s a high chance of active engagement.  

Given the benefits, you should place a user registration form on your site as well. And there’s no better way to do that than using a WordPress registration plugin. 

That’s why this article explores the 10 best WordPress user registration plugins for you to choose from. Before jumping into the list, let’s go through some of the things to look for while selecting the best WordPress plugin for user registration and login.  

What to Look for in a WordPress User Registration Plugin?  

Every plugin has different features, but keep an eye on these key features while choosing a WordPress user registration plugin.  

  • Unlimited Forms: The plugin must have unlimited forms so that you can place any number of registration forms for various purposes on your site.
  • Drag and Drop feature: It’s pretty easy to design forms with drag and drop so that you don’t have to waste much time in coding. So, choose a WordPress register plugin with a drag and drop interface.
  • Great looking templates: A WordPress regisration plugin with good-looking templates always comes in handy for a quick start, so make sure to choose one with it.  
  • Custom Fields: Look for a WordPress user registration plugin with extensive collections of custom fields so that you can create any type of registration form your site needs.

Now that you know what to look for in a WordPress user login and registration plugin, let’s jump right into our list of the best WordPress user registration plugins.  

10 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins   

1. User Registration  

User Registration

The user-friendly User Registration is undoubtedly the best WordPress registration plugin to build a registration form for any site. The plugin is simple and intuitive in terms of design. You can set up a registration form with it in just a few simple clicks.  

With its drag and drop form builder, you can create simple and advanced custom registration forms. Further, you can add numerous rows and columns in your form to create your desired form. To add more, it also offers beautiful pre-made login forms. 

Also, User Registration allows profile editing and more for the frontend profile account page. Additionally, the plugin offers 14 premium add-ons with great functions for your WordPress site in the premium version.  

Key Features  

  • Supports shortcodes  
  • Fully responsive  
  • User data export in CSV  
  • Easy customization  
  • Google ReCaptcha support (v2 and v3)  

Price: Free or $69 for a Personal Plan

2. Everest Forms  

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is one of the best form builder plugins for WordPress available in the market. The super-fast and lightweight plugin offers a ton of add-ons, including a premium add-on for user registration. That’s why you’ll be able to create forms for user registration as well as contact forms, call-back forms, survey forms, and much more.  

Besides, the plugin offers a drag and drop interface that lets you add custom fields to set up any form you wish quickly. Also, if you don’t want to create everything from scratch, Everest Forms offers great form templates that save your time.  

Key Features 

  • Fully supports header and footer logo   
  • Smart conditional logic   
  • Live editing of template color, spacing, etc.   
  • Allows to create various kinds of templates for each contact form   
  • Custom emails to ensure personalized email delivery   

Price: Free or $49 for a Personal Plan

3. ProfilePress  

Profile Press

Another WordPress user registration plugin to make it to our list is a membership and user profile plugin, ProfilePress. You can create frontend user registration forms, member directories, and much more with it. Additionally, ProfilePress’s drag-and-drop form builder offers an easy way to build forms.  

Moreover, the plugin helps you set up search and filter member directories so that users can find each other. Further, it offers shortcodes to show users’ avatars. And on top of that, your users get to set their profile pictures through the site’s front end.  

Key Features  

  • Various customizable pre-built templates   
  • Allows to disable admin bar  
  • Allows to limit access in dashboard   
  • Email templates can be customized for each email  
  • Offers social login  

Price: Free or $79 for a Single Site License  

4. WP User Manager  

WP User Manager

WP User Manager is one of the most customizable plugins on our list. The WordPress user registration plugin offers user profiles along with account customization forms for your site—moreover, it’s super powerful and easy to use.  

You get to have complete control over the registration forms with WP User Manager. Plus, you can set up a member area on your site, and your users will get to manage their data themselves. You can even add the plugin shortcodes to your pages with the shortcodes editor.  

Key Features  

Price: Free or $149/year for a Single Site License  

5. Registration Magic  

Registration MagicWordPress user registration plugin

With Registration Magic, you get complete control over user registrations on your site. It lets you set up various types of registration forms for your users. Also, you can always get started with their different pre-made form fields.  

The plugin lets you integrate gateways into your user registration forms to accept payments from users. Besides that, your users will have the flexibility to log in, reset their password and also download form submissions. Further, the WordPress user registration plugin tracks your incoming form submissions that you can view through the dashboard.  

Key Features  

  • No limit for online user registration forms  
  • Offers shortcode for forms  
  • Comes with a built-in user login form  
  • Allows to sort form card in alphabetical or chronological order  
  • WooCommerce integration

Price: Free or $89 for a Single Site License  

6. UserPro  


The next one on our list of WordPress registration plugins is UserPro, an all-in-one plugin that supports custom WordPress login and registration. It allows you to build a thriving community that’s equipped with a searchable member’s directory. It also comes with social connect and integration, user badges, and much more.  

Additionally, you can add the follow and unfollow features, allowing the users to follow or unfollow community members. Also, you can easily set up and re-order your field icons with UserPro.  

Key Features  

  • Allows to send invitation code for registration  
  • No limit on any custom profile fields  
  • Allows to set specific fields as private  
  • WooCommerce and Mailchimp integration  
  • Automated phone number validation  

Price: $39 for a Regular License  

7. Formidable Forms  

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is another advanced plugin, perfect for creating user registration forms. The plugin identifies among the fastest form builder you could get in the market. With Formidable Forms, you get to create not only registration forms, but also contact forms and more.  

Apart from that, this highly customizable WordPress user registration plugin offers pre-made templates to start with. Furthermore, it offers a built-in styler that enables you to customize the registration forms to match your site’s style. And with the premium version, you customize the form style for each footer and sidebar form.  

Key Features  

  • Use conditional logic for personalized forms
  • Implements General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Cascading dropdown fields
  • Seamless integration with Stripe, PayPal, etc.  
  • Allows to send email notifications and autoresponders  

Price: Free or $39.50/year for a Single Site License  

8. UsersWP  


UsersWP offers multiple registration forms where you can assign a different role to each form. Thanks to its functionalities, the WordPress user registration plugin has gained 10,000+ active installations.

It’s also 100% compatible with page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, and more. So using UsersWP, you can easily customize templates for Users Directory and User Profiles with page builders. And the best part is it takes you just seconds to set up everything and form a community of users with UsersWP.  

Key Features  

  • Free add-ons like reCAPTCHA and Social Login  
  • Offers password change and recovery form  
  • User Profile offers avatar, cover image, and more  
  • Integrated WooCommerce  
  • Allow editing account form  

Price: Free or $199 for Unlimited Domains 

9. Ultimate Member  

Ultimate Member

With Ultimate Member, you can make your users sign-up and become your site’s members quickly. It’s a lightweight and super extendible plugin that offers custom fields to build advanced registration forms for any niche.

Besides that, the plugin also lets you apply content restrictions based on user roles. You can even make your content private so that only logged-in users can view the content. Not to mention, it lets you set up a private messaging system so that your registered users can communicate with each other.

Key Features  

  • Offers member directories  
  • Show author posts and comments on user profiles
  • Premium extensions like bbPress, MailChimp, etc.
  • Users can review each other with 5-star rating scale 
  • Developer-friendly

Price: Free or $249/year for Unlimited Sites License

10. ARMember  


Last but not least on this list of awesome WordPress user registration plugins is ARMember. Using this plugin, you can set up unlimited membership levels, be it free or paid membership plans. And the best part is that the plugin has a modern and easy interface to build your desired membership site.  

ARMember also lets you restrict any valuable content on your site within a click. It even allows you to limit the partial content of any post or page after placing one shortcode. Besides that, you can manually approve the registrations as an extra measure of security.

Key Features  

  • Translation ready  
  • Offers membership setup wizard  
  • Brute force login protection 
  • Allows to import and export users and settings  
  • Can upgrade, downgrade or cancel membership  

Price: Free or $59 for a Regular License  


A user registration form is mandatory if you want to let users register on your WordPress site and manage these users at the same time. And the right WordPress user registration plugin will make the task of creating one much easier than you can imagine.

Each WordPress user registration plugin on our list offers excellent functionality for every type of website: blogs, e-commerce stores, and more. If you’re still confused about choosing one, our top recommendation includes User Registration and Everest Forms.  

Besides registration forms, you can explore WordPress FAQ plugins to place FAQs on your site. There are also lead generation plugins to help you capture more leads for your business.

If you’re intrigued, you can always check our blog for more of such helpful articles. Happy reading!

10 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins 2023 (Compared)

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