Unlock the power of location-based insights into your registered users with the Geolocation add-on. 

Know Your Users Better  

Get crucial Geolocation data from your site’s registered users to understand where they are located and their region-based requirements. 

View Geolocation Data 

Quickly access a user’s geolocation information on their profile page. Geolocation details such as country, city, zip code, latitude/longitude, and map will be provided based on the user’s IP address.

Leverage Smart Tags

Smart tags enable admin-triggered emails to receive geolocation data and determine where the users registered from.  

Google Maps Support 

Use Google Maps instead of text address in your user registration forms. 

Add Auto-complete Address Fields  

Include auto-complete address fields so that users can provide their address easily. 

Create WordPress Registration Forms in minutes.

User Registration and Profile plugin that is easy and flexible to use. Comes with tons of customization options and solid documentation.

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