Form Restriction

Smart control for smarter registrations: Define custom rules to control user access to your registration forms.

Restricting Registration Forms Made Easy

Set specific conditions for user sign-ups and ensure a controlled registration experience. Apply restrictions based on the number of submissions, password protection, form scheduling, age restriction, and more.

Limit the Number of Registrations

Accept only a specific number of user registrations from your form. You can display a max limit message once the limit is reached.

Schedule Registration Forms

Open and close your registration forms to users on your chosen days, dates, or times.

Password/Age Verification

Users will only be able to register on your website by using a password. Or, you can make them verify their age before registration.

Country-based Restriction

Disable users residing in certain countries from filling and submitting the registration forms.

Restrict Based on IP Addresses

Provide the range of IP addresses whose registrations you want to restrict.

Create WordPress Registration Forms in Minutes.

User Registration and Profile plugin that is easy and flexible to use. Comes with tons of customization options and solid documentation.

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