Import Users

Simplifying user management: Transfer user data without hassle and streamline the user onboarding process on your website.

Introducing the Import Users Add-on

Quickly import users that were registered on a different website, or users from an email list to your WordPress website. All you have to do is import the CSV file containing user data and map the form fields. 

Import Users in a CSV File 

Import users and their data, such as Email, Password, etc., to your website using CSV files.

Import User Roles 

You can import WordPress user roles along with the rest of their data.

Easily Map User Data with Form Fields 

Map out the form fields in your user registration form with user data in the CSV file.

Skip Import for Existing Users

Reduce the risk of importing users who are already registered on your site by skipping them. Additionally, you can extract a list of users who have not yet been imported.

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