Bulletproof Security

Safeguard user data, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure a secure registration process.

Complete User Registration Protection 

Protect your registration and login forms from different kinds of spam and malicious attacks. Explore User Registration’s diverse security features like CAPTCHA usage, domain restriction, and so on. 

Disable Default WordPress Login Screen

Disable Default WordPress Login Screen   

Disable the default WordPress login page with a single click. 

Replace the default login page with User Registration’s custom login page that includes the built-in login form.

Better security protection against bot attacks. 

Enhanced login options for a personalized login experience.  

Advanced CAPTCHA Protection 

User Registration uses various CAPTCHA types to stop automated attacks and bots.

Seamless integration with reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha. 

Add Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 to registration and login forms.

Protect user privacy with the hCaptcha option. 

Advanced CAPTCHA Protection
Honeypot Spam Protection

Honeypot Spam Protection  

Detect and block any bot submissions with the help of the Honeypot method.  

Enable or disable Honeypot spam protection from User Registration settings. 

It works in the background and doesn’t cause hindrance to human users. 

Prevent Concurrent Logins

Disable multiple users from logging into a user account at the same time to prevent unauthorized access.  

Set the maximum number of active sessions allowed at the same time.

Users can only log in the specified number of times simultaneously. 

Prevent Concurrent Logins
Whitelist Blacklist Domains

Whitelist/Blacklist Domains 

Effectively allow or restrict specific email domains from registering on your website.    

Provide a list of domains you want to whitelist or blacklist. 

Enter multiple domains and separate them with a comma. 

Display front-end messages to restricted users when they try to submit the form.  

Create WordPress Registration Forms in Minutes.

User Registration and Profile plugin that is easy and flexible to use. Comes with tons of customization options and solid documentation.

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