Effortlessly add your users to ActiveCampaign lists during registration for marketing automation via the ActiveCampaign add-on! 

Introducing ActiveCampaign

Connect your ActiveCampaign account to your User Registration forms using the ActiveCampaign add-on and collect the subscriber list efficiently. 

User Tracking

Track information on site visitors’ products and services with ActiveCampaign’s site tracking feature.

Conditional Logic-based ActiveCampaign Subscription 

Users are subscribed to ActiveCampaign based on specific conditions or rules set in fields. 

Simplified Email Marketing with ActiveCampaign Accounts 

Establish connections with several ActiveCampaign accounts simultaneously for diversified email marketing management. 

Auto-update ActiveCampaign Subscriber 

When a user edits their profile, the ActiveCampaign subscriber details are automatically updated. Similarly, subscribers are automatically removed when users are deleted from the site.

Gain Subscribers Through WooCommerce Checkout 

Integrate ActiveCampaign into WooCommerce’s customer checkout registration forms to increase your subscriber base.

Choose ActiveCampaign List for Subscribers 

Select the preferred list within ActiveCampaign where you want to gather your new subscribers. 

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