How to Redirect WordPress Users After Login & Registration? 

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Are you looking to redirect users to a specific page on your WordPress website after login or registration? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a custom registration form with a redirection rule and then add the redirection rule to the login form as well.

So, let’s begin without any delay.

Why Should You Enable WordPress Redirect after Login or Registration?

Redirecting users directly to the homepage or other custom pages after registration or login is a good practice for a better user experience.  

Otherwise, they’ll have to take an extra step to get back to the homepage or visit other pages. The benefits attached to such a system are: 

  • Directing the users to the homepage lets them begin the browsing process with a fresh start.  
  • It also provides the website admin with an opportunity to direct users to a page where they want engagement. 
  • If you have an e-commerce website, a pay-per-subscription page, or other similar sites, a proper redirection registration/login form can help manage where the buyers start their site navigation. 

“Redirect after registration” creates a system where users go to a specific page when they initially register on your website.  

Similarly, “Redirect after login” redirects your users to a specific page every time they log in to your page. 

Methods to Redirect WordPress Users After Login

In order to redirect WordPress users, you can follow a few methods. These methods are: 

  • Custom login and redirection plugin 
  • Modify the page using page builders 
  • Use custom code 
  • Via .htaccess rules 

Except for the plugin option, the rest are quite technical for general WordPress users. That’s why we’ll be using custom registration and login plugin for this tutorial. 

But you need to choose the plugin correctly. If you do so, the plugin can let you create a dynamic registration and login form with the redirection functionality, all within the same plugin. 

That’s why we’ll be using the User Registration plugin to create the custom redirect after the login form, as it offers a range of functionality and has great user reviews. 

Using User Registration Plugin for Redirection

So, without any delay, let’s learn how to enable WordPress redirect after registration and login using User Registration. 

Step 1: Install User Registration Plugin

Initially, you need to install User Registration on your WordPress dashboard.  

User Registration is a freemium plugin, meaning it has both free and premium versions (with more features and benefits) available.  

You can get the free version of the plugin through the Add New Plugin section on the dashboard or For the premium version, you can visit the User registration’s pricing page. Then, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New Plugin. 
    Click on Add New Plugin
  1. For the free version, click on the search box and enter User Registration. Then, click on Install Now and Activate
    Install and Activate User Registration
    Alternatively, click on Upload Plugin > Choose file and double-click the zip file for User Registration or User Registration Pro.
    Click on Choose File
    Then, click on Install Now and Activate Plugin
    Click on Activate Plugin

Afterward, we can manage redirection settings. You get the following options with User Registration. 

Step 2: Create a Custom Registration Form with Redirection

You can set up a redirection option after initial registration while creating the registration form for your website through User Registration.

To do so, you need to enable the WordPress redirect after redirection option through the form settings. 

  1. On your dashboard, click on User Registration > Add New for new forms. Then, click on Add New and choose a form template or click on Start From Scratch
    Click on Start From Scratch
    Or, go to User Registration > All Forms, and click Edit on an existing form to which you want to add the redirection option. 
    Click on Edit for Existing Form
  1. Select the Form Settings and under the General section, scroll down to Redirect After Registration and click on the dropdown option. 
    Click on the Dropdown Menu

You will get four redirection options on the drop-down menu: 

  • Internal Page Redirection 
  • External URL Redirection 
  • Previous Page Redirection 
  • Role Based Redirection 
  1. Depending upon your preference, select one of the four redirection options except No Redirection. Then, perform the following actions: 
  • For Internal Page Redirection: Select Internal Page and select the dropdown for Custom Page. Then, choose the page from your website to which you want to redirect the users. Also, input the number of seconds as the waiting period before redirecting to the target page. 
    Internal Page Redirection
  • For External URL Redirection: Select External URL and enter the URL of the webpage where you want to redirect your users. Then, add an appropriate number of seconds as the waiting period before redirection. 
    External Page Redirection
  • For Previous Page Redirection: Select Previous Page and enter the time for the waiting period. Your users will be redirected to the page that they were previously using before using the registration form. 
    Previous Page Redirection
  • Role Based Redirection: A Role Based Redirection table will appear when you choose this option. Here, you can individually choose the page where the users will be redirected to depending on their user role on the website
    Role Based Redirection
  1. Once you finalize the redirection settings, click on Update form at the top and continue editing your registration form. 

Step 3: Configure Redirection after Login

There are a few different ways to enable WordPress login redirect using User Registration, but we’ll be exploring two of the easiest methods: through Settings or via redirection URL. 

Option 1: Redirection through Plugin Settings (Pro Only)

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, click on User Registration > Settings. Then, Select the Misc option.  
    Open Misc Settings
  1. Select the Role based Redirection tab at the top. Then, Use the toggle button to Enable Role Based Redirection.  
    Enable Role Based Redirection
  1. You can use this section to configure redirection settings for both the login and logout options. But for now, you need to click on the gear icon for the Redirection After Login option. 
    Click on Gear Icon - WordPress Redirect after Login
  1. The Redirection After Login table will open. Then, you need to individually click on the dropdown menu for each role and select a page from your website. This page will be the page that users will be redirected to after they log into your website. 
    role based redirection for login
  1. Then, click on Save to save your changes. 

Option 2: Redirect to a Specific Page via Redirection URL (Pro and Free)

You can also let users redirect after login to a specific page using the redirect URL with the form’s Shortcode. 

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard and open a page or a post where you want to add the redirection form. 
  1. In the section where you want to add the login form, paste the following shortcode. 
    [user_registration_my_account redirect_url=””] or [user_registration_login redirect_url=””] 
    Add Redirection URL
  1. You need to input your target page’s URL in place of the URL mentioned in this Shortcode. 
  1. Click on Update to save your changes. 

Wrapping up How to Redirect after Login and Registration 

That’s it for our blog on WordPress login redirection. Even with User Registration, there are quite a few different ways of redirecting users to a specific page after login or redirection. 

However, we’ve only included the easy methods to add the redirection rule on this blog. But, you can explore more options if your prefer.  

If you like this guide and want more from User Registration, visit our blog page to read articles on creating custom profile page, restricting access to certain pages, etc.

So, good luck while managing the redirect after login and registration rules on your WordPress website!

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How to Redirect WordPress Users After Login & Registration? 

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