User Registration Version 4.1.4 Update Deadlock  

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Notice to the User Registration plugin users! 

If you’re using the User Registration plugin, we’ve got an important notice that you may need to address. 

User Registration is facing a deadlock situation for updates in version 4.1.4 of User Registration. 

This issue is totally harmless and will not cause any system errors or cause long-term effects. However, it will prevent updates for newer versions of the User Registration plugin. 

Summary of the Issue: What Does It Mean to the Users? 

The deadlock issue is only applicable to users who’re currently using version 4.1.4 of User Registration Pro. If you’re on a different version of the plugin, you can ignore this notice. 

Due to the issue, users of this version will not see any updates for the plugin in the Plugins section on their WordPress dashboard. 

Update on Dashboard

To fix this, users need to manually download the .zip file for the newer version (after v4.1.4) and update it. 

What Caused the Update Deadlock? 

Until version 4.1.3 of User Registration Pro, each addon required individual updates. To improve this process, we added a tweak to our codebase. 

Version 4.1.3 introduced the tweak, “Trigger addons update from Pro,” which enabled all addons to be automatically updated whenever the Pro version was updated. 

However, this update included a code snippet that conflicted with the website’s own code, pausing the update check. 

As a result, updates stopped appearing on the dashboard, even after multiple updates to the plugin. 

In brief: Update v4.1.4 stopped showing updates due to a conflict between the plugin and the website’s codebase. 

How to Fix the Deadlock on Your Website? 

If you somehow skipped the update for version 4.1.4, then this issue doesn’t concern you. But if you’re currently using this version, you need to apply the fix.

Since updates are no longer shown, the plugin remains stuck at the same version until the website owner manually updates it. 

So, to break the deadlock, you need to follow the steps mentioned below and update the plugin manually. 

  1. Open the WPEverest login page and log in using your credentials. Then, open the My Account page. 
    Download User Registration Pro
  1. On the Dashboard, click on the Download button for User Registration Pro. 
    WPEverest Login Page
  1. Then, go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New Plugins.
    Go to Add New Plugins
  2. Click on Upload Plugin and upload and install the downloaded Zip file. 
    Upload Zip File

Once you successfully update the plugin, you can continue using User Registration as normal. Whenever an update is available, you will see it on the plugins page.

How was the Deadlock Fixed? 

The deadlock for version 4.1.4 has not been totally fixed, but we’re currently recommending this alternative manual update method.

However, the code that caused the conflict has been removed in the updates since 4.1.4. If you follow the procedure mentioned above properly, you will not face the issue. 

To be more technical, the code snippet for UR_transient that we added to check updates from the plugin’s side conflicted with site_transient. That’s why we removed UR_transient from version

Due to this, there’s only one functional code for checking updates.

So, update your plugin manually if you’re currently using User Registration Pro v4.1.4 using the steps mentioned above.

User Registration Version 4.1.4 Update Deadlock  

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