Introducing User Registration Pro 3.0.0

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Have you been looking forward to a stand-alone premium plugin for User Registration? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

Today, we’re happy to introduce User Registration Pro as a stand-alone premium version plugin for User Registration. The User Registration Pro plugin will be available in all of our premium plans.

Before this, in order to install the User Registration premium add-ons, you had to install the User Registration free version plugin. Only then, you could install the premium add-ons.

With the arrival of the User Registration Pro plugin 3.0.0, premium users won’t need the User Registration free plugin at all. That’s because all of the free User Registration features will be bundled in the Pro plugin along with many new features.

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at what User Registration 3.0.0 brings to the table.

Why Are We Introducing the User Registration Pro Plugin?

You might be wondering why we’re releasing a separate User Registration Pro plugin. Why now?

An issue we’ve had to work with for a while was that we couldn’t add certain features in our free version code. Solely due to the limitations and guidelines of where our free version is currently hosted.

Specifically, we wanted to target our premium users and provide them with handy features like a dedicated add-ons page. One could easily install all the premium add-ons directly with a single click from this page. Instead, you’re stuck with manually downloading each add-on from the account page.

Addons List

You can see how this would save time and is way more convenient for our premium users.

If you’re a premium user as well, you must be all too familiar with this pain. But we couldn’t deliver the feature via our free version code since didn’t allow us to add such codes where our servers were being called.

User Registration Pro is our first step towards finally offering a dedicated add-ons page and other much-needed features to you.

Although we’ve yet to add the add-ons page on this release, we’ll be rolling it out pretty soon along with the prebuilt form templates import feature via User Registration Pro.

Yes, there were some smaller but essential features that we’ve wanted to give to our premium users for a long time. But those features couldn’t justify as a stand-alone add-on.

With time, the number of those small features tends to cumulate. And we also didn’t have any specific place to host those codes.

Thus, moving forward, we’ll be adding all those small features in User Registration Pro, making it a perfect home for the handy features you’ve been anticipating for a while.

Merging Extras Addon to User Registration Pro

Now, here’s a major change you should look out for in the User Registration Pro plugin.

As of User Registration version 2.1.0, we’ll be deprecating the User Registration Extras add-on and merging all its features to the User Registration Pro plugin. This will include:

  • User Registration Dashboard
  • Whitelist Domain Registration
  • Honeypot Spam Protection
  • Auto-generated Password
  • Login and Registration Popups
  • Delete Account
  • Post Submission
  • Form Field Icons
  • Reset to Default Values in Registration Forms

You don’t need to worry about the backward compatibility and transition; this will be handled automatically and gracefully if you’ve installed and activated User Registration Pro. You can even delete the User Registration Extras add-on if you’ve already installed and activated User Registration Pro.

That aside, there will be plenty of changes coming your way.

In short, User Registration Pro will act as a stand-alone centralized codebase for all the premium add-ons. All those small features and codes that didn’t fit into our add-ons will now be hosted in User Registration Pro.

We’ve already started adding new features in User Registration Pro 3.0.0. Here are some of the highlights:

User Registration New Features

Prevent Concurrent login: When you prevent active concurrent login, no single user can log in to the site from multiple location at the same time. You can even set the maximum number of active logins for your user.

Redirect back to the previous page after login: Previously, you could only add redirection paths for registration. The new User Registration Pro lets you automatically redirect the user to the page they were previously on after login.

Role-based Redirection: Redirection is even more powerful now. Based on the user’s role, they can be redirected to different pages. For example, a user with a subscriber role can be redirected to page X after login/logout. A user with the Author role can be redirected to page Y after login/logout. 

How to proceed with the upgrade to User Registration Pro?

The next big question is: what does the release of User Registration Pro entail for you as a premium user of the User Registration plugin?

If you have an active premium license already activated on your site, it’s super easy for you to switch to User Registration Pro.

Once you update to User Registration version 2.1.0. A notice will appear in the dashboard asking you to install and activate the User Registration Pro plugin. Simply click on the Install and Activate User Registration Pro button.

Upgrade to Pro

This will install the User Registration Pro plugin and automatically deactivate the free User Registration plugin.

Free User Registraion Plugin Deactivated

If you have any outdated premium add-ons, there will be another notice asking you to update all the outdated add-ons. Simply update all the outdated addons and you’re done.

You can now just delete the deactivated free User Registration plugin from the Installed Plugins page.

And with that, you should be able to use the brand new User Registration Pro plugin with fresh features in your WordPress dashboard.

If you’re a free user and have been planning to upgrade to a premium plan, now’s your time! Head on over to User Registration’s official pricing page and choose the premium plan suitable for you. Once you’ve bought the premium version, you’re now eligible to use the User Registration Pro plugin and the respective add-ons available in your plan.

That’s it for now. Stay updated about User Registration by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can explore our blog to learn more about User Registration and how to use it for your WordPress website.

Introducing User Registration Pro 3.0.0

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