Introducing User Registration 3.0: The Next Level of WordPress Registration 

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Are you all excited about the User Registration 3.0 release?

Yes, you heard it right. User Registration 3.0 is all set to make your WordPress user registration experience even more simple and more precise.

There are many reasons that motivated User Registration developers to release User Registration 3.0 on 31st May 2023.

One of them is to provide a convenient environment to build simple to complex registration forms without fuss. All in all, its prime motive is to offer an amazing user experience.

Developers of the User Registration plugin always prioritize the user requirements!

Thus, after listening to the feedback and requirements of 60,000+ users, this WordPress registration form plugin is back with a major release!

Want to know changes, updates, to-dos, and other important information about User Registration 3.0?

Let’s get started!

Why Are We Introducing User Registration 3.0?

User Registration is an amazing WordPress registration plugin that has been providing the best services to make registration and login pages since 2017.

Since the User Registration plugin was launched, it has been updating and releasing new versions from time to time.

Introducing User Registration 3.0
Introducing User Registration 3.0

So, what’s new with User Registration 3.0? What’s the ultimate motive for releasing this new version? Intrigued?

User Registration 3.0 is mainly focused on providing an amazing user experience (UX) to WordPress users with its upgraded design along with some improved functionalities.

Now, you can create an even more advanced registration form without breaking a sweat.

We say that because the release of User Registration 3.0 focuses on the simplest things, from icons to advanced canvas-like areas in the form builder and global settings.

Not only that, but WordPress users are provided with a toggle option, hidden fields, smart tags, better customization setup, design, and more.

All in all, different options for registration forms are also enhanced along with the addition of new features and designs.

Enhanced and Additional Features of User Registration 3.0

Now, let’s get into detail about all the additional and enhanced features provided to users with User Registration 3.0 release!

1. Form Builder Design

The design of the form builder in User Registration 3.0 is revised and improved for a better user experience.

In User Registration 2.3.5 form builder design was good. But it wasn’t as refined and detailed as the new version.

User Registration Form Builder Interface Old
User Registration Old Form Builder Interface

Moreover, in the latest version of User Registration 3.0, the form builder design has a distinct builder area for an amazing User Experience (UX).

User Registration Form Builder Interface New
User Registration New Form Builder Interface

Further, icons are being added to all the premium add-ons. This way you’ll be able to easily distinguish between the available free options and the premium options.

Also, you couldn’t get the premium add-on right from the fields page in the User Registration previously.

But now you can simply click on the premium add-on, you want to get. Then, you’ll get an option to upgrade plans. If you already have a license but the add-ons are missing, you can install and activate them directly from the form builder.

Pro Icon to Upgrade Plan
Pro Icon to Upgrade Plan

User experience is all that matters for the User Registration plugin’s team. No wonder they’ve left no stone unturned to make the UX better than ever before with their amazing form builder design!

2. Global Setting Design

The latest global setting design of User Registration 3.0 will let you manage the form’s general and login options, and front-end messages in a breeze.

In the earlier version of User Registration, the global setting and its sub-setting were arranged in horizontal order.

To get a better idea, let’s look at the screenshot below!

User Registration Global Settings Old
User Registration Old Global Settings

Contrarily, in the latest User Registration 3.0, the global setting and its subsetting are arranged in vertical order.

As you can see, they’re arranged systematically inside the sidebar on the left side.

User Registration Global Settings New
User Registration New Global Settings

Thus, the sidebar of User Registration 3.0 displays all the setting information to the form makers with ease.

Also, you’ll get to see the 3-4 premium add-ons that our users are using, or that you might be in need of! You might require them to make a refined login form, registration form, or any other form.

So, if you’re interested in using premium add-ons, you can easily switch plans as well.

Furthermore, the collapse menu is absolutely stunning and functional! So, if you think you need more space while customizing your forms, you can use the collapse menu option.

After that, you can change settings in a wider area as shown in the screenshot below.

Collapse Menu User Registration 3.0
Collapse Menu User Registration 3.0

Hence, you can manage the settings of login forms, data security, payment gateway settings, and more efficiently using a new global setting design.

3. Toggle Option

Previously, in User Registration 2.3.5 version, there were checkboxes next to the different options of this free plugin.

User Registration Checkboxes
User Registration Checkboxes

But in User Registration 3.0, the checkboxes are replaced with a toggle option.

Toggle Option User Registration 3.0
Toggle Option User Registration 3.0

The checkboxes were replaced with a toggle button as the users seem to prefer it. The reason?

The toggle option makes it easier to view, read and navigate.

Additionally, the toggle button activation or deactivation operates immediately on the screen. Also, it has a direct control with a light switch.

4. Search Global Settings Bar

User Registration 3.0 provides its users with an abundance of global setting options.

While it’s an amazing factor, sometimes it’s difficult for users to find the exact setting they’re searching for!

To eliminate this issue, User Registration 3.0 has introduced the search global settings bar. With it, users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily!

Search Settings Bar
Search Settings Bar

The best part? This functionality automatically completes the search query of registration page users and saves them time.

5. Additional Smart Tags in Email Content and Default Value of Fields

Email content is an effective way of communication. Thus, sending emails to the users as soon as they register on your site is essential.

That’s why to help you with quick email responses, new smart tags are added in email content and a default value of fields.

Smart Tags for Emails
Smart Tags for Emails

So, let’s get to know about them!

  • {{current_date}} – Shows current date
  • {{current_time}} – Shows current time
  • {{admin_email}} – Displays admin email
  • {{site_url}} – Displays the site’s URL
  • {{page_title}} – Displays the page title where the form is located
  • {{page_url}} – Gives the page’s URL
  • {{page_id}} – Gives the page’s ID
  • {{post_title}} – Gives the posts title
  • {{author_email}} – Shows the author’s email
  • {{author_name}} – Shows the author’s name
  • {{user_ip_address}} – Gives the user’s IP address
  • {{form_id}} – Shows the form’s ID
  • {{referrer_url}} – Shows the Referral URL
  • {{user_id}} – Gives the user’s ID

User Registration 3.0 System Requirements

With the release of the User Registration 3.0 free version, there will be certain requirements.

These requirements are made compulsory this time. The reason?

WordPress site registering users can enjoy better security, codes, and bugs, strengthen against attacks, speed optimization, and more.

Before using User Registration 3.0, we would request you to get updated to:

  • PHP Version 7.2 or Above 
  • WordPress Version 5.2 or Above  

PHP Version 7.2 or Above

Over 244+ million websites use PHP as it provides users with plenty of amazing features and functions for web development.

Moreover, updating PHP to the latest version will facilitate you with a fast and safe WordPress site. So, if you’ve not updated to PHP version 7.2 or above, you really should!

The developers of User Registration understand the necessity of updating the PHP version 7.2 or higher.

Following that, they’ve made a compulsion for User Registration 3.0 users to update their PHP to the 7.2 version and above.

In the absence of an update of PHP version 7.2 or above, you won’t be able to use User Registration 3.0.

According to W3Tech, 77% of users use PHP and most of them update up to date. To facilitate all users, User Registration will no longer support PHP versions below 7.2.

WordPress Version 5.2 or Above

As we all know, User Registration 3.0 is a custom registration form, login form, and user profile for WordPress.

The developer’s team of this plugin wants their users to be up to date and use all the latest features of WordPress.

Considering that User Registration 3.0 will no longer provide support to users using WordPress version 5.2 below.

This compulsion is made, so that you won’t be a step behind other form creators in any way.

Moreover, you’ll be able to create awesome forms, manage all user’s data, register users, and do proper user management.

Important Note:

  • User Registration 3.0 will only support PHP version 7.2 and above so update your PHP versions accordingly.
  •  Make sure to update WordPress to the latest version or at least up to version 5.2.
  • If you don’t update to the PHP or WordPress version mentioned here, the developer team won’t be responsible if you address issues related to it.
  • Above all, don’t forget to back up your website before updating the User Registration 3.0 plugin or any other themes and plugins. It’s a must, as it allows you to get your site up and running quickly if anything goes wrong.

Wrapping Up!

To sum it up, User Registration 3.0 has introduced plenty of useful features with its release. They are global and form builder designs, toggle options, search bars, and smart tags.

Before the release on 31st May 2023, we wanted you all to have a brief idea of what’s coming up next. That’s exactly the prime motive of this article!

We highly encourage all users to update their PHP version 7.2 and above and WordPress version 5.2 and above. This way, you’ll be able fully utilize all the latest features.

There’s so much more to User Registration 3.0 than we’ve discussed here. To find out what’s more, we would suggest you upgrade and explore the plugin yourself!

Moreover, User Registration is best known for its premium add-ons and plenty of features. Wanna enjoy it to the fullest? We suggest you switch to User Registration Pro!

Also, the updates in User Registration are made as per the user requirements, so do let us know if you’ve got any suggestions or recommendations!

Introducing User Registration 3.0: The Next Level of WordPress Registration 

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